Saturday, March 5, 2011

Squash Fetish Sitting On Stomach


:) ;) Hello pandas!

Well if you do not know I say it again, first things first is what excuse does not publish enough that they began classes and complicates recontra I'm already overloaded with duties yhhh so today morning oral test and classes blaa bla bla ... .. sorry: D
Returning to the subject!
There is a new mission! Called spy or something birthenland so: D The good esque change the form of the missions!
What I mean by that? Well .... Max tells us more and more things now grab the missions are more fun!

I can assure

Another thing ....

Panfu Carnival!

If it is very easy to do just go with the clown on the town in Panfu and ((((speak))) Tooodo goal che talk ayy hehe.

And third

notice Sorry yy I will not be published almost every day

Well pandas!

Nothing more to say and then and Ojito ready until the patch!


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